Rowan sits alone in her room at Yannock's house. She looks at the small stack of books that Edric picked out for her. She had read through them quickly. It turns out sharks didn't look anything like she thought they would. No fur, lots of teeth.

She looks around the room. There's not much in it. A bed, a desk and chair, and a chest to put her things. What she does notice are the walls and the ceiling. They seem so close to her. She is not used to being so surrounded. She had a small shelter for when the weather was bad, but when she could she was out in the open. Despite being so nimble in the forest, she has knocked herself and her antlers into practically every door frame since she arrived. She didn't think the others had noticed, but her head was beginning to hurt from all the times she had snagged herself.

She pulls the chair over to the small window. Through the dirty glass she can see the trees blowing and the stars twinkling. It's a clear night. She can hear voices out in the hallway. She can't make them out, but they are surely her companions. She hears some laughter and the movement of the floorboards. They are so loud, they would never be able to hunt making such a ruckus.

She's not used to being so close to people all the time. She feels a slight pang of loneliness sitting in her barren room, an urge to open the door and join them, but with the feeling comes her mother's voice in her head. "Stay away from people, my darling. You cannot trust anyone. They will lie to you and they will trick you and they will hurt you."

She sighs and her breath fogs up the glass, she loses her view. Her companions seemed good. Edric had given her these books and Erys had smiled so warmly at her. The other elf woman had even saved her when she was hurt. Nobody had ever done anything like that for her before. Even her mother hadn't been around to help her when she was injured or sick. She had to fend for herself before, but maybe she didn't have to now?

Rowan stands and walks towards the door. She hears her mother's voice again, but this time the memory isn't the soft cooing that she was used to but the greater panic from when she was first bundled away. "No sweet child, you must stay in the forest. They will come for you! You cannot let them find you! Promise me!" She hears her own small voice respond tearfully and the Rowan in the small room turns away from the door. She lies down in the bed and bumps her antlers on the headboard.

Grabbing her wolf fur cloak, she spreads it out on the floor and lies down. She stares at the wooden slats of the ceiling, imaging they are a field of stars on a clear night before finally falling asleep.


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