Side Sessions

Prequel Sessions - 
The Sisters Kiirnodel:
That Time in the Woods
Boarding House

Edric and Quinys

Session 1
Edric and Quinys

Session 2
Erys and Valorn
Erys and Onys
Valorn and Edric
Edric and Erys
Quinys and Erys
Onys and Edric
Edric and Quinys

Session 3
Valorn and Erys
Edric and Rowan
Erys and Onys
Erys and Rowan
Quinys, Erys, and Edric
Erys and Valorn
Edric and Valorn
Onys and Edric
Edric and Quinys
Erys and Edric
Erys and Quinys

Session 4
Edric and Valorn
Rowan and Erys
Quinys, Erys, Edric, and Valorn
Erys and Edric
Erys, Quinys, Onys 
Rowan and Valorn
Edric, Quinys, Erys
Onys and Erys
Edric and Erys
Rowan and Onys
Erys and Edric
Quinys, Rowan, and Edric
Erys and Onys

Session 5
Demon Discussion – Edric, Quinys, and Rowan
Look Who's Talking Meow – Erys and Catbird
Heads Have Rolled – Valorn and Edric
An Opportunity for Love – Erys and Onys
On Tieflings – Rowan and Edric
Magic 201 – Quinys and Edric
Drinking and Thinking – Quinys and Valorn
Talking Things Through – Erys and Edric

Session 6
Session 6 Scenes in Chronological Order ]
Spellbound, 20 Questions - Quinys and Edric
heart+mind, Dawn – Erys and Edric
Soaring in Parallel – Rowan and Erys
Sisters Again – Erys and Onys
A Little Morning Musing – Edric and Onys
The Hunt – Onys and Rowan
Tea Time – Erys and Quinys 
Stones (Throwing) – Onys and Quinys
Aftermath – Erys and Edric

The Truth – Edric and Quinys

Session 7
In Retrospect – Valorn, Edric, & Erys
Grief - Onys & Erys
Shark Attack - Rowan & Edric
Cake Time – Quinys & Erys
Blame – Erys & Edric
Preparation – Quinys & Onys [incomplete]

Sessions 8&9
Homecoming – Erys & Rowan
Shatterpoint – Edric & Erys
Edric's Dedication – Edric & Quinys
Return to Shad Dunbar – Onys & Erys

Side Sessions

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