Mia Amastacia


Mia was a young child when she began musical training with the elven master Beirio, who, as it turns out uses that as a cover to train skilled assassins for a group of elven assassins known as the Fete Kerym, roughly translated from elven as The Fire blade.

She saw another skilled youth who played the flute and blacked her eye and broke her flute to ensure that she was Beirio’s shining star.

That youth was Onys.

Onys never forgot and never played flute to this day, but Beirio noticed Mia’s drive and ambition and set about training her. She became one of the most revered and skilled members of the group of assassins.

A human lord hired The Fete Kerym to kill or capture Onys many years later and Mia jumped at the chance to best her old rival.

During the fight she saw though that her dwarven ally was going down and that the group Onys traveled with was strong as well as Onys herself.

She ran but who knows, The Fete Kerym has a standard to uphold……

Mia Amastacia

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