Duenor Greenhammer


Duenor Greenhammer was tragically tormented.

His father was thrown into disfavor accused of unsuitable dealing with elven nobility while on a diplomatic visit to Evereska and ever since the Greenhammer name was an outcast among the dwarven clans, tolerated as menial workers and part of the lowest rung of dwarven society.

This made Duenor angry, mostly at elves, specifically at Erys, whose name he would never ever forget.

He trained under Valorn as an armorsmith and did well, until he and his brother got into a fight.

He stormed off and pledged his life to Hoar and swore an oath of vengeance on Erys.

He found a bounty on her and her sister and that was all he needed to track her down, though he didn’t like working with Mia Amastacia, he could not deny that the elf was good with her blades and a skilled assassin.

He died at the hands of the party during the attack on them and saw error in his ways on his deathbed renouncing vengeance and rebuking Hoar.

Duenor Greenhammer

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