Phandelver + Storm King and beyond

Waterdeep , the city of corruption and murder

but at least we got to meet Lady Silverhand and Khelben Arunsen

The heroes set out to pay Lord Tarish Finale a visit and end this charade, but along the way they were attacked by two people leading a group of ruffians still intent on getting the bounty on the heads of Onys and Erys.

A dwarf by the name of Duenor Greenhammer, a protege of Valorn and the son of a dwarf that Erys had been blamed for wronging in the past. He had devoted himself to Hoar and pledged vengeance on Erys and came very close to killing her.

And an Elven woman named Mia who had troubles with Onys in the past.

After a tense battle , one in which Mia ran away, Duenor saw the error of his ways on his deathbed and begged Valorn to take him to the Greenhammer family crypt for his final rest, and to inform his brother of that he was sorry and to please forgive him.

After the battle the party, angrier than ever, stormed to the mansion estate of Lord Tarish Finale.

They enacted a plan in which Quinys , while invisible, skulked about the mansion setting fires and in the chaos the rest of the group snuck around to the back and began a battle with Lord Tarish and his hired mercenary guards.

Tarish , however, quickly ran away with the aid of a dimension door spell.

Seeing their boss run away and a party of well armed adventurers bearing down on them, most all of the mercenaries ran away and the party put out the fires and searched the mansion, discovering a corpse of a young woman, lots of logbooks and financial records hinting at fraud and corruption, and a basement full of female slaves chained up.

They pieced things together to find out that Lord Finale was involved in some sort of slavery ring.

The party decided to bring this to the local magistrate who brought it to Lady Silverhand.

The party was sent back to their Inn to recover and get cleaned up for a wagon that would come for them.

They did so and the wagon took them to meet Lady Silverhand and Lord Arunsun of waterdeep, who thanked them for their service and granted them status of deputies of Waterdeep for their service and action.

The party went back to the inn to rest.


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