Phandelver + Storm King and beyond

Season 1, Episode 1: The Adventure Begins

greenskinned fuckmidgets

Our brave heroes met at the south gates of Neverwinter and were put off slightly by how many people had been hired for this job, they pressed on in spite of it however and set up camp just as they arrived at the start of the Triboar Trail.

That night at camp they were accosted by a band of Half Orcs led by a human and fought a fierce battle in which Erys Moongem was tied up and began to be dragged away.

The party overcame the odds and slew the attackers, after searching their bodies they discovered that there was a 100GP bounty on the heads of Erys Moongem and Onys Kiirnodel and the seal on the bounty notice was from the Xanathar's Thieves' Guild of Waterdeep. The pair of elven paladins seemed to think it was due to a misunderstanding about a job they had done for Gundren Rockseeker in Waterdeep, but really, who knows?

After dealing with this they set out again where they discovered two dead horses blocking the road. Rowan saw a goblin in the bushes and instantly attacked leading to a lengthy battle with 6 goblins. When they had killed all but two they tried to run into the forest but the party gave chase and Erys Moongem intimidated the goblins into submission. The party tied them up and questioned them and found out that Gundren Rockseeker and a companion had been ambushed and were taken to Cragmaw Castle. The goblins also mentioned their hideout to the north where they had taken the human that was ambushed there and suggested the PC's go there and possibly find out more information in an attempt to save their own hides. Sadly, Valorn Aenethal decided to just end them. I wonder how Moradin will feel about that?

The pc's hid the wagon and traveled through the forest avoiding traps and reaching the hideout of the goblins. They fought a few guards and dispatched them easily and are now set to enter the caves and see what there is to be seen.


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