Phandelver, Storm Kings, and Beyond

Prequel Sessions
Girltalk (1403; Year of the Hidden Harp)
Firehair (1424; Year of the Dog-eared Journal)
That Time in the Woods (1480; Year of Deep Water Drifting)
Boarding House (1481; Year of the Grinning Halfling)

Moonstone (25 Eleint, 1481) Edric & Quinys

Season 1

26 Eleint, 1481 - The Adventure Begins
Premonitions (28 Eleint) Edric & Quinys

28 Eleint (Cragmaw Hideout)
Again, Lady Kiirnodel? (30 Eleint) Erys & Valorn
Directionless & Selfish - Erys & Onys
Call It A Portent - Edric & Valorn
I Guess You Could Call Me A Sailor - Edric & Erys
Dagger - Erys & Quinys
High-And-Mighty Knife-earsEdric & Onys
Waste Of An Education - Edric & Quinys

1 Marpenoth - (On To Phandalin)
Especially Good At Breaking ThingsErys & Valorn
A Silly StoryEdric & Rowan
I've Been Practicing – Erys & Onys
Is This Your Regular Form?Erys & Rowan
I'm A Great Wingman – Edric, Erys, & Quinys
Service Done Well – Erys & Valorn
One God Or Another – Edric & Valorn
Hold Your Tongue – Edric & Onys
A Basic Spell (2 Marpenoth) Edric & Quinys
Dagger's Heart Is Her Own – Edric & Erys
Who Cares Who You Bed? – Erys & Quinys
You Cannot Trust Anyone – Rowan

2 Marpenoth - (Quinys' Choice)
Nasty BusinessEdric & Valorn
It Still HurtsErys & Rowan
Half BlueberryEdric, Erys, Quinys, & Valorn
The Wrong DirectionEdric & Erys
The Right Choice – Erys, Onys, & Quinys
Help the Wicked, Heal the CruelRowan & Valorn
You Stupid, Stupid Idiot MoronEdric, Erys, & Quinys
Oathday - Erys & Onys (3 Marpenoth)
Oath of the Heartwarder - Edric & Erys
Oath of Devotion – Onys
Circle of the MoonRowan
Even Without Sleep - Onys & Rowan 
Really, Truly, Finally – Edric & Erys
I Can Turn Into A BearEdric, Rowan, & Quinys
Harder Than That To Leave Me BehindErys & Onys

3 Marpenoth – (The Lamentations of Gundren Rockseeker)
Demon Discussion (4 MarpenothEdric, Quinys, & Rowan
Look Who's Talking Meow - Catbird & Erys
Heads Have Rolled - Edric & Valorn
An Opportunity for Love Erys & Onys
On Tieflings - Edric & Rowan
Magic 201 - Edric & Quinys
Drinking and Thinking - Quinys & Valorn
Talking Things Through (5 Marpenoth) – Edric & Erys

(Waterdhavian Nights)

5 Marpenoth – The heroes set out on a ten day journey to Waterdeep and meet Nundro Rockseeker. After a wild cat chase, they meet a mysterious tiefling who begs for their help. 


16 Marpenoth - The heroes confront Lord Tarish Finale and are attacked by Duenor and Mia. They eventually bring down Finale.

(On To Shad Dunbar)

17 Marpenoth - The heroes travel to Neverwinter via a Wind Walk spell and Valorn presents Barass Greenhammer with his brothers body. They Journey through Neverwinter Woods where they are attacked by more fiends after Rowan, they continue traveling up past Longsaddle to the Dwarven stronghold of Shad Dunbar where they discover that the Greenhammer crypts have been looted.

(A BARROWing Encounter)

25 Marpenoth - The Heroes travel to the Barrows in the hills to discover a plot by Adonis and finally confront him for good. They discover Valorn's Mentor and Quinys' parents among the victims.

(Two For One)

26 Marpenoth [Season 1 Finale]

The heroes return to Shad Dunbar where they find Barass free from the curse and restore the honor to Clan Greenhammer. They go back to Phandalin where they wrap up several tasks to help the citizens of Phandalin and then venture into Wave echo cave, returning 3 days later to a  Hill giant attack which is fended off with the help of Paladins of Ilmater.

(Season 2, Episode 1: Giant Problems)

1 Nightal

The Heroes of Phandalin remain in Phandalin to assist with rebuilding efforts. Valorn departs during The Feast of the Moon in the midst of ale and friends. They receive news of a giant attack in Triboar, and the heroes depart immediately – still far too late to do any good. They learn that Hekaton, King of All Giants and leader of the Storm Giants, is the one behind the recent giant attacks. The Heroes of Phandalin return to the barricaded building and discover several survivors.


Nightal 7 – The Heroes of Phandalin arrive in Yartar. (data incomplete)

(The Sahuagin of Yartar)

Nightal 8 – Yartar's Waterbaron Nestra Ruthiol offers 500 gold pieces for the eradication of a nearby sahuagin nest, and after considerable debate over what a sahuagin was and whether 500 gold was enough to go kill the lot of them, the job was ultimately accepted. The first wave was vanquished with little effort, though Edric began to have a bad feeling about their surroundings.

(Caging The Shark)
More Pure Than You Or I - Erys & Rowan

Upcoming Events:

27 Nightal – The raid on Tirish Finale's warehouse.
20 Alturiak 1482 – Erys' 100th birthday.

Phandelver + Storm King and beyond

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