A group of heroes, all friends or business partners of the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker, have all gotten a letter asking them to take a wagon loaded with supplies to the town of Phandalin.

But as they venture on they discover that  Gundren has been captured by goblins!

The calendar and sequence of events:

1481 DR The Year of the Grinning Halfling

Eleint the 26th – The group meets in Neverwinter outside the south gates to deliver Gundren's Wagon

Eleint the 28th – The group finds the horses of Gundren and Sildar and are ambushed by cragmaw goblins

(The above events are covered in The Adventure begins)

Eleint the 30th – The group finishes clearing out the Cragmaw hideout and rescues after making a deal with Yeemick to kill Klarg.

(The above events are covered in Cragmaw Hideout)

Marpenoth the 1st – The Group is accosted by redbrands at the gates of Phandalin and meets Yannock Bookbinder, who offers them entrance and a place to stay the night in exchange for clearing his basement of undead.

(The above events are covered in Goin back to Phandalin)

Marpenoth the 2nd – The Group decides to defeat the redbrand leader and drive them off after exploring the town, they encounter more than they bargain for when Adonis is the leader of the redbrands.

(The above events are covered in Quinys's Choice)

Marpenoth the 3rd – The Group heads towards Cragmaw Castle and is best by bounty hunters and demons.

Marpenoth the 4th – The Group arrives at Cragmaw Castle and begins their assault, they discover Gundren and his Brother dead and return to Phandalin crushed.

(The above events are covered in Gundren's Lament)

Marpenoth the 5th – 15th The Heroes travel to Waterdeep and meet Nundro, they are also accosted for the last time by the Xanathar Thieve's Guild.

Marpenoth 16th – The heroes confront Lord Tarish Finale and are attacked by Duenor and Mia. They eventually bring down Finale.

Marpenoth 17th – 24th The heroes travel to Neverwinter via a Wind Walk spell and Valorn presents Barass Greenhammer with his brothers body. They Journey through neverwinter woods where they are attacked by more fiends after Rowan, they continue travelling up past longsaddle to the dwarven stronghold of Shad Dunbar where they discover that the Greenhammer crypts have been looted.

Marpenoth 25th – The Heroes travel to the Barrows in the hills to discover a plot by Adonis and finally confront him for good. They discover Valorn's Mentor and Quinys's parents among the victims.

Marpenoth 26th – Uktar 6th

The heroes return to Shad Dunbar where they find Barass free from the curse and restore the honor to Clan Greenhammer. They go back to Phandalin where they wrap up several tasks to help the citizens of Phandalin and then venture into Wave echo cave, returning 3 days later to a  Hill giant attack which is fended off with the help of Paladins of Ilmater.

Uktar 7th – Nightal 12

The Heroes of Phandalin remain in Phandalin to assist with rebuilding efforts. Valorn departs during The Feast of the Moon in the midst of ale and friends. After news of a giant attack in Triboar, the heroes look for survivors. They learn that Hekaton, King of All Giants and leader of the Storm Giants, is the one behind the recent giant attacks. Victorious, the Heroes of Phandalin return to the barricaded building and discover several survivors.

Phandelver + Storm King and beyond

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