The Lionshields


A faction of Mercenaries based out of Yartar.

They are a typical mercenary company in its infancy, but they have the backing of an entire town and are quickly growing establishing trading posts in many of the towns around the northern sword coast selling weapons and armor and adventuring supplies.


1. To Civilize the northern sword coast area and bring thriving cities to the frontier carving out a legacy.

2. Stand tough against any who oppose you and show no mercy to your enemies.

3. Never betray an employer, if you are hired to do a job, do it, no matter what.


The Lionshields main goal is to "civilize" the frontier area around the sword coast and the north and establish themselves as an invaluable asset to the area.

Secondly they want to make Yartar the new shining jewel of the sword coast and help it grow larger even than Waterdeep or Neverwinter.


The Lionshields

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