Phandelver + Storm King and beyond

Waterdhavian nights

a shopping trip

The heroes went back to cragmaw castle to make sure the goblins were gone and they were rewarded with satisfaction when they discovered their ploy had worked and the goblins were gone.

Sildar gathered his allies and set about reconstructing and reclaiming the castle for the Lord's Alliance.

The heroes continued on to waterdeep along the high road, it was a very uneventful tenday and they arrived with no problems.

Inside the city they met Nundro who told them he would take care of the bodies and place them within the rockseeker mausoleum . He also hired the heroes to accompany him to the Wave Echo cave to take up his brother's cause.

The heroes had a couple days in the city so Edric and Valorn decided to shop while The ladies left to check out the docks.

There they met a tiefling named Talia that was being set upon by a large group of dockworkers, Onys convinced their leader it was a bad idea and they left. Talia beseeched them to escort her to her room at the flophouse she was staying at, but when they arrived Talia instead threw a fireball at the party seriously injuring all of them and assassins leapt from the shadows and the heroes were in for a harrowing fight, and with Edric gone in the Castle Ward seeking entrance into the Waterdhavian Wizard's Guild.

After a deadly battle they slew the assassins and brought Talia to her knees where she exchanged calling off the bounty on Erys and Onys in exchange for her life, and told them that Lord Tarish Finale was the one who had put the bounty out.

The heroes went to rest and prepared for the next day….


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