Phandelver + Storm King and beyond

Two for One


The Heroes left the Barrow and went back to Shad Dunbar and were waylaid by Fredegar the dwarf, he demanded the evidence that the PC's retrieved against him and said he would allow Barass to die from his curse if this wasn't done, and informed them that should he die, the curse would never be lifted.

Apparently not caring about this at all , The "heroes" attacked him. He turned out to be a very powerful cleric and dropped half of them with a powerful Fire Storm. Erys and Rowan, avoiding that fate thought better of it and gave him the evidence and he scampered off.


Inside the PC's discovered that he was true to his word and Barass had the curse lifted and was improving. Erys vouched for the greenhammers and explained her role in their fall from grace and the King restored the honor of The Greenhammers and Barass stayed behind at Shad Dunbar to restore his clan.

The Heroes made their way back to Phandalin and met with Nundro. They explored the town a bit more and recievd several tasks. They decided to go after the Orcs in Wyvern Tor as provided by a wanted poster outside the Townmaster's Hall, They also agreed to Help Sister Garaele, a priestess of Tymora, who needed the answer to a question that only a banshee named Agatha near the ruined city of Conybery could answer. They were given a fine silver brush to barter with. Finally, they were asked by Daran Edermath to investigate undead sightings at the Old owl Well.


They set off and spoke with the Banshee, getting her help and the answer to the Priestesses question. They ventured to Wyvern Tor and dispatched a banc of orcs and ogres that had made their home there, then they found out that a Red Wizard was exploring some ruins at Old Owl Well and had recently gotten rid of his malfunctioning zombies and he promised not to summon any more if they told the townspeople of Phandalin to stay away, The party agreed.


Returning to Phandalin they advised everyone of their successes and then set out for Wave Echo Cave.


Inside they discovered that Mind Flayers had set up shop.

They slew one and some ogres and also slew a Clay Golem guarding the Forge of Spells but were soon overwhelmed as they alerted the mind flayers to their presence and an alarm sounded they made a harrowing escape promising to return with help to finish the job.

They noticed , however, that Fredegar was there in Wave echo cave somehow aligned with these mindflayers!! The black spider, as it turns out, was a strange hulking Mindflayer of extrodinary power.


Returning to Phandalin they discovered that Hill Giants were attacking!!! The heroes helped fight and arrived just as a large contingent of Paladins of Ilmater were riding up from the opposite direction.

The High Paladin of Ilmater introduced himself after the fight as Garrod Midland.

Upon hearing this name Edric uttered "You gotta be fucking kidding me…"


End Season One



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