Phandelver + Storm King and beyond

On to Shad Dunbar

Dwarf Stuff.

The heroes set out the following day to neverwinter to present Barass Greenhammer the corpse of his brother Duenor. Valorn refused to have wind walk cast on him so he and Erys took the teleportation circle.

After they arrived Barassm understandably angry, learned who Erys was and took it much better than Duenor did.

With Barass in tow the party headed off to Shad Dunbar to set Duenor to his final resting place in the greenhammer crypts.

They decided to head through nerverwinter woods and then north past longsaddle.

In the woods they were attacked by more demons that were after Rowan, after defeating them they arrived without any more trouble.


At Shad Dunbar Barass laid his brothers corpse to rest but Valorn noticed that the crypts had been disturbed and it was learned that all of the bodies were gone from the crypts and a justifiably angry Barass demanded to know what happened. The King said he would look into it and gave the party sanctuary until this was resolved.


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