Phandelver + Storm King and beyond

Gundren's Lament

Keep your head up buddy.

Our heroes finally set out to take on Cragmaw Castle, on the way they were set upon by more bounty hunters working for the Thieve's guild that is after Onys and Erys. During the fight however, the lone quasit that got away from the heroes way back when Rowan first learned how to turn into animals came back, with a very large very stinky friend who happened to be a vicious Hezrou. After a long harrowing fight the heroes prevailed and slew the fiend. After resting they made it to the castle where they discovered the heads of Gundren and his brother Thandren hanging from the parapets of the ruined castle. Devastated the party went into the back entrance found by catbird and slew two hobgoblins. After this was done they stumbled upon King Grol, the brutal bugbear leader of the cragmaw goblins and his pet direwolf Snarl who was snacking on the rest of gundren and thandren's bodies.

After a nasty battle the heroes cut the head from King Grol and challenged the goblins letting them know they had slain their leader and that they should cut down the heads and leave this place never to return.

The very frightened goblins complied.

The heroes dejectedly travelled back to town with no idea what the point of any of this was anymore.

But, they found a clue, Gundren had written a note in his own blood and tucked it into his belt.

"If you are reading this note, The Black spider has the map. Deliver my body and this note to my brother Nundro in Waterdeep."

The heroes knew what they had to do….


CapitalistPig peramene

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