Phandelver + Storm King and beyond

Season 2, Episode 1: Giant Problems

The Heroes of Phandalin remain in Phandalin to assist with rebuilding efforts. Edric discovers that the High Paladin of Ilmater Garrod Midland is his father and spends the month drinking heavily, attempting to learn more about Sune with limited success, and most importantly doing all possible to avoid his father. The sisters Kiirnodel do everything they can to help the people of Phandalin in their efforts: Onys assists with the physical labors, the healing of body and mind; Erys assists with morale, building connections and friendships with the people of Phandalin. Rowan does as she's able, but also wanders excitedly through everything – her outward expression covering up her constant fear of her past and heritage catching up with all of them.  At the Feast of the Moon, the town works especially hard to throw the heroes a special celebration, and they humbly accept. It is here that Valorn, tired and having fully invested in a go of adventuring, announced to his companions that he'd be returning to Citadel Adbar. The feast therefore also became a farewell party.

News of a giant attack in nearby Triboar gets the paladins of Ilmater moving, and the heroes – some with more dedication than others – prepare to join the counterattack. The heroes break away from Phandalin first, heading down the road and eventually encountering a small pack. They fight together for the first time in ages, and the development of their bonds with one another shows. Garrod and his paladins join the fray, flying over a Giant Ape'd Catbird to strike a giant mightily – but it is his son who delivers the killing blast of magic.

The assembled charge forward towards Triboar to discover it utterly surrounded and deeply besieged. Far too many giants, far too many ruined cities – Triboar is lost without doubt. The Heroes of Phandalin ride past Garrod's forces as the latter punches a hole through the giant lines for the former to access the city. While the majority of the heroes engage a group of orcs and a frost giant, Erys and Catbird spirit away from the fray to separately seek survivors. Despite a single barricaded stronghold, the search is fruitless, and the battle in the streets rages on. Edric learns that Hekaton, King of All Giants and leader of the Storm Giants, is the one behind the recent giant attacks. Victorious, the Heroes of Phandalin return to the barricaded building and discover several survivors, among them:

Darathra Shendrel
Narth Tezrin
Ghelryn Foehammer
and Urgala Meltimer.

Garrod approaches Edric under the guise of an apology to let him know that Tristan is in Yartar, in his last days, and that should a visit wish to be made, it had best be made soon.

[Started in: Phandalin, Feast of the Moon (Uktar "31").
The following morning, Nightal 1, Paladins and Heroes go to Triboar (234km, 4.5 days at 51.5km/h 32 miles/day), arriving Nightal 5.
The following morning, Nightal 6, the Heroes go to Yartar. (~80km, ~1.5 days).
They arrive the evening of Nightal 7. SARA: Season 2 E1 has dating practices w/ canonical festival. 1491 is "2011", November is Uktar, December is Nightal.
That makes October (and journey start?) Marpenoth.



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