Phandelver + Storm King and beyond

Cragmaw Hideout

in which the heroes heroically rest.

Our heroes faced with the dark caverns of the Cragmaw hideout decided to leave and rest for 8 hours. They did so and returned at around 10pm and found (unsurprisingly) that there were now 3 goblins guarding much more attentively. One of them shouted back into the hallway as soon as they were spotted.

The heroes fought a hard battle against several goblins and their wolf pets. They prevailed putting themselves in much the same condition that they were in initially.

They decided to rest in a cave that smelled of refuse and wolves.

After sending Catbird to scout ahead they quickly dispatched a lone goblin on a bridge.

They then discovered the human companion of Gundren, brought here by the goblins.

They made a deal with Yeemick, the leader of the goblins, that they would kill the Bugbear, Klarg, that had been sent to lord over the little goblins and in exchange they would release the human and be on their way.

The Heroes fought a harrowing battle with Klarg and his pet direwolf, Ripper, in which Valorn was downed. The heroes found much treasure in the caves and recovered some stolen goods to return to the Lionshield Coster.

We will continue next time as they rest again and question this human.


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