Phandelver + Storm King and beyond

A BARROWing encounter.

an ADONISing event.

The Heroes awoke in Shad Dunbar to discover Barass cursed and incapacitated in his bed.

They appealed to the king to help them.

The heroes were assigned some dwarven warriors to assist with their search and they followed the footprints to an old Barrow in the hills.

There they found that there was some magical force preventing Catbird from entering.

The group trudged onward avoiding magical traps and disvoered some kind of necromantic setup where zombies and skeletons of famous crafters were raised as a special new type of undead, tirelessly working with the same skill they found in life. Never needing rest or breaks.

The heroes ended this plot by mercykilling  any undead crafters they found, on of which was Valorns Mentor, Oolwrend the armorer, and , as they discovered later, Quinys's parents.

After fighting many mummy guardians they finally found none other than Adonis!

The heroes interrupted his plans by coming to the barrow much earlier than expected and a fight broke out and Adonis was finally slain. 

It was after this that quinys discovered her parent were among the undead crafters.

They discovered evidence incriminating a dwarf living in Shad Dunbar and a plot to make money from giants purchasing their finely crafted wares produced in large amounts ready to be shipped to anywhere, there was more to Adonis's plan but what that was died with him. Or did it?

The heroes gathered themselves to go back to Shad Dunbar and deal with this traitor dwarf… this Fredegar.


CapitalistPig peramene

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