Phandelver + Storm King and beyond

Season 2, Episode 2
15 Nightal, Yartar

[An unfortunate interim followed this session, but as we resume play, I'll get the hang of our timeline as it was in Neslethea:

The party arrived in Yartar on 15 Nightal of 1481.

In 16 days, the [] will be raiding the warehouse believed to belong to Tarish Finale.

And on 20 Alturiak 1482, Onys Kiirnodel and Erys Moongem will be turning 100 years old and officially become adults.]

Season 2, Episode 1: Giant Problems
A quantum of solace; wait, another giant attack?!

The Heroes of Phandalin remain in Phandalin to assist with rebuilding efforts. Edric discovers that the High Paladin of Ilmater Garrod Midland is his father and spends the month drinking heavily, attempting to learn more about Sune with limited success, and most importantly doing all possible to avoid his father. The sisters Kiirnodel do everything they can to help the people of Phandalin in their efforts: Onys assists with the physical labors, the healing of body and mind; Erys assists with morale, building connections and friendships with the people of Phandalin. Rowan does as she's able, but also wanders excitedly through everything – her outward expression covering up her constant fear of her past and heritage catching up with all of them.  At the Feast of the Moon, the town works especially hard to throw the heroes a special celebration, and they humbly accept. It is here that Valorn, tired and having fully invested in a go of adventuring, announced to his companions that he'd be returning to Citadel Adbar. The feast therefore also became a farewell party.

News of a giant attack in nearby Triloar gets the paladins of Ilmater moving, and the heroes – some with more dedication than others – prepare to join the counterattack. The heroes break away from Phandalin first, heading down the road and eventually encountering a small pack. They fight together for the first time in ages, and the development of their bonds with one another shows. Garrod and his paladins join the fray, flying over a Giant Ape'd Catbird to strike a giant mightily – but it is his son who delivers the killing blast of magic.

The assembled charge forward towards Triboar to discover it utterly surrounded and deeply besieged. Far too many giants, far too many ruined cities – Triboar is lost without doubt. The Heroes of Phandalin ride past Garrod's forces as the latter punches a hole through the giant lines for the former to access the city. While the majority of the heroes engage a group of orcs and a frost giant, Erys and Catbird spirit away from the fray to separately seek survivors. Despite a single barricaded stronghold, the search is fruitless, and the battle in the streets rages on. Edric learns that Hekaton, King of All Giants and leader of the Storm Giants, is the one behind the recent giant attacks. Victorious, the Heroes of Phandalin return to the barricaded building and discover several survivors, among them:

Darathra Shendrel
Narth Tezrin
Ghelryn Foehammer
and Urgala Meltimer.

Garrod approaches Edric under the guise of an apology to let him know that Tristan is in Yartar, in his last days, and that should a visit wish to be made, it had best be made soon.
[An unfortunate interim followed this session, but as we resume play, I'll get the hang of our timeline as it was in Neslethea:

The party arrived in Yartar on 15 Nightal of 1481.

In 16 days, the [] will be raiding the warehouse believed to belong to Tarish Finale.

And on 20 Alturiak 1482, Onys Kiirnodel and Erys Moongem will be turning 100 years old and officially become adults.]

Two for One

The Heroes left the Barrow and went back to Shad Dunbar and were waylaid by Fredegar the dwarf, he demanded the evidence that the PC's retrieved against him and said he would allow Barass to die from his curse if this wasn't done, and informed them that should he die, the curse would never be lifted.

Apparently not caring about this at all , The "heroes" attacked him. He turned out to be a very powerful cleric and dropped half of them with a powerful Fire Storm. Erys and Rowan, avoiding that fate thought better of it and gave him the evidence and he scampered off.


Inside the PC's discovered that he was true to his word and Barass had the curse lifted and was improving. Erys vouched for the greenhammers and explained her role in their fall from grace and the King restored the honor of The Greenhammers and Barass stayed behind at Shad Dunbar to restore his clan.

The Heroes made their way back to Phandalin and met with Nundro. They explored the town a bit more and recievd several tasks. They decided to go after the Orcs in Wyvern Tor as provided by a wanted poster outside the Townmaster's Hall, They also agreed to Help Sister Garaele, a priestess of Tymora, who needed the answer to a question that only a banshee named Agatha near the ruined city of Conybery could answer. They were given a fine silver brush to barter with. Finally, they were asked by Daran Edermath to investigate undead sightings at the Old owl Well.


They set off and spoke with the Banshee, getting her help and the answer to the Priestesses question. They ventured to Wyvern Tor and dispatched a banc of orcs and ogres that had made their home there, then they found out that a Red Wizard was exploring some ruins at Old Owl Well and had recently gotten rid of his malfunctioning zombies and he promised not to summon any more if they told the townspeople of Phandalin to stay away, The party agreed.


Returning to Phandalin they advised everyone of their successes and then set out for Wave Echo Cave.


Inside they discovered that Mind Flayers had set up shop.

They slew one and some ogres and also slew a Clay Golem guarding the Forge of Spells but were soon overwhelmed as they alerted the mind flayers to their presence and an alarm sounded they made a harrowing escape promising to return with help to finish the job.

They noticed , however, that Fredegar was there in Wave echo cave somehow aligned with these mindflayers!! The black spider, as it turns out, was a strange hulking Mindflayer of extrodinary power.


Returning to Phandalin they discovered that Hill Giants were attacking!!! The heroes helped fight and arrived just as a large contingent of Paladins of Ilmater were riding up from the opposite direction.

The High Paladin of Ilmater introduced himself after the fight as Garrod Midland.

Upon hearing this name Edric uttered "You gotta be fucking kidding me…"


End Season One


A BARROWing encounter.
an ADONISing event.

The Heroes awoke in Shad Dunbar to discover Barass cursed and incapacitated in his bed.

They appealed to the king to help them.

The heroes were assigned some dwarven warriors to assist with their search and they followed the footprints to an old Barrow in the hills.

There they found that there was some magical force preventing Catbird from entering.

The group trudged onward avoiding magical traps and disvoered some kind of necromantic setup where zombies and skeletons of famous crafters were raised as a special new type of undead, tirelessly working with the same skill they found in life. Never needing rest or breaks.

The heroes ended this plot by mercykilling  any undead crafters they found, on of which was Valorns Mentor, Oolwrend the armorer, and , as they discovered later, Quinys's parents.

After fighting many mummy guardians they finally found none other than Adonis!

The heroes interrupted his plans by coming to the barrow much earlier than expected and a fight broke out and Adonis was finally slain. 

It was after this that quinys discovered her parent were among the undead crafters.

They discovered evidence incriminating a dwarf living in Shad Dunbar and a plot to make money from giants purchasing their finely crafted wares produced in large amounts ready to be shipped to anywhere, there was more to Adonis's plan but what that was died with him. Or did it?

The heroes gathered themselves to go back to Shad Dunbar and deal with this traitor dwarf… this Fredegar.

On to Shad Dunbar
Dwarf Stuff.

The heroes set out the following day to neverwinter to present Barass Greenhammer the corpse of his brother Duenor. Valorn refused to have wind walk cast on him so he and Erys took the teleportation circle.

After they arrived Barassm understandably angry, learned who Erys was and took it much better than Duenor did.

With Barass in tow the party headed off to Shad Dunbar to set Duenor to his final resting place in the greenhammer crypts.

They decided to head through nerverwinter woods and then north past longsaddle.

In the woods they were attacked by more demons that were after Rowan, after defeating them they arrived without any more trouble.


At Shad Dunbar Barass laid his brothers corpse to rest but Valorn noticed that the crypts had been disturbed and it was learned that all of the bodies were gone from the crypts and a justifiably angry Barass demanded to know what happened. The King said he would look into it and gave the party sanctuary until this was resolved.

Waterdeep , the city of corruption and murder
but at least we got to meet Lady Silverhand and Khelben Arunsen

The heroes set out to pay Lord Tarish Finale a visit and end this charade, but along the way they were attacked by two people leading a group of ruffians still intent on getting the bounty on the heads of Onys and Erys.

A dwarf by the name of Duenor Greenhammer, a protege of Valorn and the son of a dwarf that Erys had been blamed for wronging in the past. He had devoted himself to Hoar and pledged vengeance on Erys and came very close to killing her.

And an Elven woman named Mia who had troubles with Onys in the past.

After a tense battle , one in which Mia ran away, Duenor saw the error of his ways on his deathbed and begged Valorn to take him to the Greenhammer family crypt for his final rest, and to inform his brother of that he was sorry and to please forgive him.

After the battle the party, angrier than ever, stormed to the mansion estate of Lord Tarish Finale.

They enacted a plan in which Quinys , while invisible, skulked about the mansion setting fires and in the chaos the rest of the group snuck around to the back and began a battle with Lord Tarish and his hired mercenary guards.

Tarish , however, quickly ran away with the aid of a dimension door spell.

Seeing their boss run away and a party of well armed adventurers bearing down on them, most all of the mercenaries ran away and the party put out the fires and searched the mansion, discovering a corpse of a young woman, lots of logbooks and financial records hinting at fraud and corruption, and a basement full of female slaves chained up.

They pieced things together to find out that Lord Finale was involved in some sort of slavery ring.

The party decided to bring this to the local magistrate who brought it to Lady Silverhand.

The party was sent back to their Inn to recover and get cleaned up for a wagon that would come for them.

They did so and the wagon took them to meet Lady Silverhand and Lord Arunsun of waterdeep, who thanked them for their service and granted them status of deputies of Waterdeep for their service and action.

The party went back to the inn to rest.

Waterdhavian nights
a shopping trip

The heroes went back to cragmaw castle to make sure the goblins were gone and they were rewarded with satisfaction when they discovered their ploy had worked and the goblins were gone.

Sildar gathered his allies and set about reconstructing and reclaiming the castle for the Lord's Alliance.

The heroes continued on to waterdeep along the high road, it was a very uneventful tenday and they arrived with no problems.

Inside the city they met Nundro who told them he would take care of the bodies and place them within the rockseeker mausoleum . He also hired the heroes to accompany him to the Wave Echo cave to take up his brother's cause.

The heroes had a couple days in the city so Edric and Valorn decided to shop while The ladies left to check out the docks.

There they met a tiefling named Talia that was being set upon by a large group of dockworkers, Onys convinced their leader it was a bad idea and they left. Talia beseeched them to escort her to her room at the flophouse she was staying at, but when they arrived Talia instead threw a fireball at the party seriously injuring all of them and assassins leapt from the shadows and the heroes were in for a harrowing fight, and with Edric gone in the Castle Ward seeking entrance into the Waterdhavian Wizard's Guild.

After a deadly battle they slew the assassins and brought Talia to her knees where she exchanged calling off the bounty on Erys and Onys in exchange for her life, and told them that Lord Tarish Finale was the one who had put the bounty out.

The heroes went to rest and prepared for the next day….

Gundren's Lament
Keep your head up buddy.

Our heroes finally set out to take on Cragmaw Castle, on the way they were set upon by more bounty hunters working for the Thieve's guild that is after Onys and Erys. During the fight however, the lone quasit that got away from the heroes way back when Rowan first learned how to turn into animals came back, with a very large very stinky friend who happened to be a vicious Hezrou. After a long harrowing fight the heroes prevailed and slew the fiend. After resting they made it to the castle where they discovered the heads of Gundren and his brother Thandren hanging from the parapets of the ruined castle. Devastated the party went into the back entrance found by catbird and slew two hobgoblins. After this was done they stumbled upon King Grol, the brutal bugbear leader of the cragmaw goblins and his pet direwolf Snarl who was snacking on the rest of gundren and thandren's bodies.

After a nasty battle the heroes cut the head from King Grol and challenged the goblins letting them know they had slain their leader and that they should cut down the heads and leave this place never to return.

The very frightened goblins complied.

The heroes dejectedly travelled back to town with no idea what the point of any of this was anymore.

But, they found a clue, Gundren had written a note in his own blood and tucked it into his belt.

"If you are reading this note, The Black spider has the map. Deliver my body and this note to my brother Nundro in Waterdeep."

The heroes knew what they had to do….

Quinys's Choice
"Happy Birthday Cricket"

The heroes began their day with a big breakfast prepared by Yannock Bookbinder who saw them off and wished them well. 

They brought the wagon to Barthen's Provisions to finish the job they were hired to do.

Elmar Barthen, the proprietor, was happy to see them, until they mentioned Gundren had been kidnapped by goblins.

The party next went to [[The Lionshield Coster]] to advise them that their cargo was to be found in the goblin's hideout. The representative who ran the trading post, Linene Graywind, thanked them and paid them for their service as well as informing them about her weapons and armor if they ever needed to purchase them.

The party went to Sildar Hallwinter and he paid them 50 gold as promised and advised them he would also pay them for ridding the town of the redbrand thugs and finding his friend Iarno Albreck.

The party was set to go find gundren but decided after hearing of captives that they would deal with this redbrand threat first.

After leaving the hideout they got into a fight with some of them who demanded they leave town.

This steeled their resolve to go and deal with them.

They had a brilliant idea to use a Pit and ladder from Edric Crestrun's newly found Robe of Useful Items to drop directly into where a captured redbrand described the "boss" room was.

They lowered themselves down into a trap instead and they all passed out from a magical symbol except for Edric Crestrun who had not descended. He decided to ride back to town to get help.

While he was doing that the party awoke to find themselves in a cell, all except for Quinys Forgedawn. You see, she was at a table laden with all her favorite sweets.

Across the table from her was a figure from her past the ever charming Adonis.

He simply said "Happy birthday cricket"

She needed time to absorb this shock and found herself rendered speechless and still could not move.

Glad to see you are awake. Surprised to see me? You shouldn't be, Adonis never stays in prison for very long. I see you are trying to move, but the medecine i gave you will keep you paralyzed just a bit longer to be sure that I have time to explain myself. You see, I never forget your birthday my love, I have done this all for you. I want you to come back to me and we will go away together. I feel i have already squeezed as much from this town as i possibly could. We will burn it all down and leave together and continue our lives as if nothing happened, I do not blame you for what happened. You were smart and I would have done the same. I see you have done well for yourself and have blossomed into a fine young lady worthy of my attentions. All you have to do, is dispose of this rabble you have involved yourself with, to show your loyalty."

he then gestured to a crossbow hanging on the wall next to a quiver of bolts.

She began then to feel her extremities begin to work.

"Take your time Cricket, they are not going anywhere in the cells, fill them with bolts so we can have a wonderful birthday treat and then move on from this poor and shameful town."

Quinys Forgedawn was in absolute emotional agnoy torn by feelings towards this man from her past and this new group she had started to become friends with.

she toyed with her cake for a bit and sipped some wine.

Edric Crestrun however had informed Sildar Hallwinter who went to gather some of the hardier townsfolk while he rode back to the redbrand hideout to find the pit emptied, he sent Catbird down to scout before entering the room himself. He cautiously opened the door and began working his way towards where he thought the party might be.

Quinys Forgedawn rose and grabbed the crossbow from the wall and at the same moment Rowan turned into a dire wolf bursting from her bonds and began freeing the rest of the party. 

then they noticed that Adonis was not sitting on a chair, but actually a human with dark hair and a beard who turned out to be Iarno Albreck who had been captive here for two months.

Quinys Forgedawn levelled the crossbow at Adonis and told him to let them go. He instead tried to charm her with a spell which failed.

She responded by shooting him with the crossbow in the leg.

While the party continued to free each other in their cell he ran for the door, although at a reduced speed due to a bolt in his leg. He doubled Quinys over with laughter from a spell and continued to run away.

He ran around the corner and bumped into Edric Crestrun who started to question him, he responded with a simple "I do not have time for this" and cast a color spray spell in his face and continued to run.

By this time Rowan decided to bite [[: quinys – forgedawn | Quinys]] to wake her up from her laughter and it worked. She freed them using some keys hanging on the wall and they began to stream out after Adonis but were stopped by having to deal with some skeletons in the next room.

Meanwhile Adonis killed Catbird and began to run up a set of stairs hidden behind a secret door and escape.

Edric Crestrun became enraged at being color sprayed and began to give chase angrily throwing flame bolt after flame bolt at the running half elf.

[[: quinys – forgedawn | Quinys]] caught up to him and grabbed his arm telling him to just let Adonis go. He grumpily complied. Adonis dropped his sword belt containing his rapier and a pouch and scrollcase and told [[: quinys – forgedawn | Quinys]] that she should have this before running away.

Sildar Hallwinter arrived with Linene Graywind and some other hardy looking townsfolk and entered the hideout, by this time the party was in no mood and let them finish clearing the hideout.

Outside the hideout after the men rode off on the only horse back to town Onys Kiirnodel angrily accused [[: quinys – forgedawn | Quinys]] and Edric Crestrun of betraying them and drew steel on her demanding answers.

Erys Moongem got between her sister and demanded she see reason and give Quinys Forgedawn time to process what just happened and give an explanation which resulted in her having to tackle her sister to hold her down while Quinys Forgedawn left.

After they had sullenly arrived back in town Sildar Hallwinter returned to town with 12 Redbrand thugs and the heads of three bugbears and two goblins. He threw the thugs in jail and has now established himself as defacto leader until they vote in a new Townmaster.

The party went to the inn to drink and get rooms.

Quinys Forgedawn began to rifle the contents of the pouch and discovered a locket containing photos of her real parents and a note from adonis explaining that she should visit her parents graves and said a location.

The session ended with the party sullenly drinking at the inn.


Goin back to Phandalin
nah, I don't think so.

Our heroes were setting up camp when Rowan discovered she could turn into the creatures of the forest, she ran through the woods as an elk until she was set upon by two Quasit's (Small demonic creatures) who said something about having found "it" and Landiel being pleased and then referring to "it" having many friends.

She led the fiends back to the camp and the party killed one , the other escaping off into the night.

The party then spoke with Sildar Hallwinter , the human who they rescued. He explained that Gundren had discovered his family's ancestral mine and home which also happened to be the place where the Pact of Phandelver was signed.

The party continued with him on to Phandalin and were foiled when a group of mysterious thugs manning a wooden stockade would not let them in.

Fortunately a halfling spoke for them and they were let in.

The halfling, Yannock Bookbinder, did this so that the heroes would help him clear out his basement, he was adding an extra room and tunneled into some sort of ancient crypt and undead creatures spilled out into his basement which he promptly boarded up.

While this was being divulged, Onys Kiirnodel followed Sildar to the Townmaster's Hall where he found Townmaster Harbin Wester and began to give him a 20 minute angry lecture about letting thugs and ruffians become rampant and take over the village. He also said a name "Iandro" to which the Townmaster replied that he "Went up into the manor and hasn't been seen since."

Sildar said he was going to get himself equipped and that he would have a payment of 50 gold for the party for rescuing him and escorting him to town.

The heroes went down into the basement upon Onys's return and destroyed the undead menace and recovered some treasure which they were welcome to keep.

That night they shared the hospitality of the halfling scribe ready to explore the town the next day.


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